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Case Studies: EM/HM Integration, Improved Communication Drops Readmission Rates by 55 Percent

Case Study

EM/HM Integration, Improved Communication Drops Readmission Rates

hospital location Envision Physician Services Partner Facility | California

hospital challenges Hospital Challenges

Readmission rates at a central California hospital exceeded the CMS Quality benchmark stipulated by the Affordable Care Act, resulting in a near 1.5 million dollar potential revenue loss from Medicare reimbursements in 2017. This facility sought the help of Envision Physician Services to address the source of these excessive readmission rates and create a solution to avoid penalties and achieve a more patient-centered care model.


Integrated Emergency Medicine/Hospital Medicine (EM/HM) Services model ensured alignment across care continuum

55% reduction in 30-Day Readmissions, from 11.69% to 5.21%

Revenue loss savings of 1.5 million dollars from Medicare reimbursement penalties


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