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Anesthesiology Services

By championing a care team model and evolving standardized perioperative workflows, our Anesthesia Services result in healthier post-operative patients, happier clinicians and a stronger operating room.
Standardized Anesthesiology Excellence

Hospital leaders often face challenges with anesthesiology coverage, operating room (O.R.) efficiency and perioperative processes. That’s where we come in.

Administering more than 2 million anesthetics a year, Envision Physician Services is the largest anesthesiology provider in the country. We leverage our scale for our hospital and ambulatory surgery center (ASC) partners to standardize clinical pathways and reduce same-day case cancellations, O.R. delays and unnecessary testing.

Envision Physician Services - Standardized Anesthesiology Excellence
Programs with Purpose

Envision’s commitment to its partners, clinicians and patients manifests itself through our dynamic infrastructure and programs.

Whether we are improving collaboration and efficiency with our care team, instilling best practices and ensuring patient safety through our preadmission testing protocols and enhanced recovery protocols, or tackling the national opioid crisis through our Opioid Task Force, we are dedicated to aligning our resources to make healthcare work smarter for all.

Smoother Transitions. Safer Patients.

Through our depth and breadth of anesthesiology experience, we know how to mitigate risk and provide a seamless transition of service for hospitals and systems of any size. Our board-certified anesthesiology transition team ensures each program is fully operational from day one and offers comprehensive on-site orientation for clinicians.

In addition, our Opioid Task Force reviews current trends and advances evidence-based practices to ensure safe and effective care for patients while carefully managing the use of opioids and supporting alternative pain management solutions.


Envision Physician Services - reduce Surgical Case Cancellations

Surgical Case Cancellations

Envision Physician Services - Reduce Delays


Envision Physician Services - Reduce Clinician Burnout

Clinician Burnout


Envision Physician Services - Improve O.R. Efficiency

O.R. Efficiency

Envision Physician Services - Improve Patient and Clinician Satisfaction

Patient and Clinician Satisfaction

Envision Physician Services - Improve Financial Performance

Financial Performance

Building America's Leading Medical Group

We partner with hospitals and health systems across the nation to deliver integrated patient care to patients when and where they need us most.

Hear From Our Physician Leaders

An effective team requires effective leadership, the kind that establishes a culture of trust and collaboration among teammates. Learn how and why Envision prioritizes the right leadership for each team.


Leadership in Healthcare: A Multidisciplinary and Transparent Approach


The Envision Difference

We are the group of choice for clinicians at any stage of their careers.

With attractive, clinician-led practice locations across the country, a range of professional development resources and flexible, collegial work environments, we are the group of choice for clinicians at any stage of their career.

Professional Development

We invest in our clinicians, supporting their professional growth through mentoring and national leadership programs and helping them pursue their specific passion in anesthesiology, from education and quality initiatives to patient satisfaction and clinical research.