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Billing Services

We believe putting patients first means extending compassion, education and support through the billing process. 

Please review your billing statement to determine which of our partners listed below will process your payment.

Emergency and Hospital Medicine Services

We have partnered with SimpleePay to provide you an engaging, customized way to pay for your emergency and hospital medicine services. 

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Emergency and Hospital Medicine Billing Inquiries: 800.355.2470

Anesthesia Services

Depending on where you received care, you can work with one of the two partners below to make a payment. Please refer to your bill for the appropriate partner.

Cedar offers you simple, seamless and secure healthcare payments for anesthesia services.

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PatientPay delivers a convenient, easy way to pay for your anesthesia services.

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Anesthesia Billing Inquiries: 844.248.4320

We believe that patients should not have to worry about whether their insurance company will cover the costs of essential medical services related to COVID-19. While we are reliant on insurance companies to inform us whether they will waive or reduce co-pays and deductibles and provide in-network coverage for COVID-19, we are committed to working with your insurance company on your behalf. Envision will review each patient bill with the insurance company to advocate that our patients should only be responsible for in-network cost-sharing for COVID-19-related care and testing. We proudly made this commitment even before the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services issued its guidance.

If you have any questions regarding your bill, please refer to the customer service contact information included on your statement.

The bill you receive depends on your coverage and how much your insurance company decides to cover for the care you received. Although we must rely on your insurance company to provide us with this information, we have made a commitment to confirm any amount your insurance company says is owed by you prior to sending a bill. We will also advocate on your behalf that your insurance company covers the full cost of care for COVID-19 testing or treatment.

In addition, our customer service team is ready to review your account with you and help resolve any billing errors related to COVID-19. If we need additional time to research your account or resolve an error with your insurance company, we will put your bill on hold for 90 days. This is typically enough time to work through a resolution.

After we provide you with clinical care, we submit a claim to and communicate with your insurance company before sending a bill. Ultimately, your insurance company independently determines how much it will cover and what you are financially responsible for as the patient. The bill you receive from a clinician is the amount your insurance company has assigned to you as the cost-sharing responsibility.

Your insurance company also independently decides what additional coverage or benefits it will extend for COVID-19-related care, including what amount of your bill it will pay and what your responsibility is.

While some Envision physicians are not in-network with all insurance companies, we have taken steps to protect you from surprise medical bills. Unfortunately, when physicians are out-of-network, insurance companies do not typically provide cost-sharing information to physicians, which helps us protect you from unexpected costs. We continue to ask regulators and insurers to provide us with this information to ensure we can protect you and other patients from surprise bills for COVID-19 testing and care.

Ultimately, your insurance company independently decides what additional coverage or benefits it will extend for COVID-19-related care, including what amount of your bill it will pay versus what is your responsibility.

For years, Envision has been committed to resolving the issue of surprise medical bills. We continue to work with insurance companies so that our physicians can be included in their networks and advocate for surprise medical billing legislation that protects patients.

The bill from Envision is for the medical care you received from a physician. Since the hospital and physicians are paid separately, you might receive more than one bill.

We use a number of factors to determine whether your care is COVID-19-related, even if you were not diagnosed with COVID-19. Those factors include your symptoms, diagnosis, care provided by your clinician and whether you were tested for COVID-19. If you have questions about your bill, our customer service team can assist you.

Envision will advocate for you to have your insurance company pay the entire bill if the testing and treatment are related to COVID-19. For other healthcare bills or where your insurance company has assigned a portion of COVID-19 treatment to you, Envision offers extended payment plans with monthly payments starting as low as $25. For added flexibility, you are able to select when the payment plan begins. We have also extended the time to pay bills for all our patients. If you applied for financial assistance at the facility where you were treated, we will honor that approval. Please contact our customer service team for further assistance.

If you are diagnosed with COVID-19 and do not have insurance, Envision is working directly with Medicare for these bills. We will consider the amount Medicare covers as payment in full, and you will not be responsible for any remaining payment. Depending on your diagnosis, you might also be eligible for no-cost care under federal guidelines. For all diagnoses, Envision offers flexible payment options and will honor approvals for financial assistance granted at the facility where care was provided.

Your insurance information is needed for the physician group to file a claim on your behalf. If your insurer has elected to waive or reduce your co-pay or deductible, we will follow its instructions.

We can take payment over the phone by credit card or check. Envision statements also have instructions on how to pay online via your desktop or mobile device as well as how to contact us for assistance. We also have a paperless option for patients who prefer email or text messaging.

Yes. Envision is able to consolidate your bills into a single payment plan and modify the monthly payment to best meet your needs.

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