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Emergency Medicine Services

The emergency department is the front door to your hospital. More than two-thirds of admitted patients begin their journey in the E.D, yet the unpredictable nature of emergency medicine often leads to a challenging care environment. Our Emergency Medicine Services address the issues caused by this unpredictability to improve patient outcomes, patient experience and operational efficiency.
Size and Scale to Serve

Envision Physician Services is the nation’s largest EM provider, serving more than 650 facilities in 40 states. We have more than 45 years of experience designing and implementing innovative solutions in a complex care environment.

Patient-Centric Clinical Solutions

We are committed to delivering the best possible patient experience and maximizing the value of care. We improve patient safety and operational efficiency while we absorb administrative burdens, allowing clinicians to focus on serving their patients.

Care Efficiency and Safety

Our EM care models incorporate best practices and innovative processes, leveraging Lean process improvement techniques, custom staffing models and our physician-authored, modular patient safety program to boost care efficiency and patient safety.

Envision Physician Services - Emergency Medicine Patient Centric Clinical Solutions
Virtual Health Integration

Our Virtual Health Services raise the standard for emergency care, providing safe, innovative and scalable solutions.

Emergency Medicine Advanced Practice Provider (APP)

Combining on-site APP coverage with the expertise of a board-certified emergency physician via two-way audio-video, Envision Virtual Health’s Emergency Medicine APP model reduces unnecessary transfers, improves the patient experience and enhances overall care quality.

Tele-Triage Intake Program

Our Virtual Health Tele-Triage program allows for rapid “staffing up” to manage intermittent and unpredictable volume surges. Our virtual providers – who are ready within minutes of being called – use secure platforms to complete a visual exam and initiate diagnostic testing in real time with the help of nursing personnel. The many benefits of this program include the ability to reduce patient wait times and provide consistent quality care while managing staffing costs.


Forty percent of emergency department discharges fail to keep their scheduled follow-up appointments. Distance from the clinic and the availability of transportation are two factors in the decision not to attend a follow-up visit. Using providers trained to assess and treat patients who may require ongoing complex care, Envision Virtual Health allows patients to complete their follow-up visits in the comfort of their own homes or wherever it is most convenient for them.

EM/HM Integration

More than 140 facilities use our emergency and hospital medicine integrated model in which EM clinicians work together with hospitalists to ensure continuity of care for patients. This happens through shared accountability, improved communication and streamlined admissions processes, all of which reduce average length of stay and readmissions and result in happier, healthier patients.


Envision Physician Services - Emergency Medicine - Reduce Length of Stay

Length of Stay

Envision Physician Services - Emergency Medicine - Reduce Left Without Being Seen

Left Without Being Seen

Envision Physician Services - Emergency Medicine - Reduce Clinician Burnout

Clinician Burnout


Envision Physician Services - Emergency Medicine - Improve Throughput


Envision Physician Services - Emergency Medicine - Improve Patient Satisfaction

Patient Satisfaction

Envision Physician Services - Emergency Medicine - Improve Clinician Retention and Performance

Clinician Retention and Performance

Raising the Bar | 0:52

Clinicians who work with Envision Physician Services understand the importance of each specialty’s role in elevating the overall efficiency and care quality of the emergency department.

Our Expertise in Action

Prior to partnering with Envision Physician Services, this facility faced several barriers to providing patient-centric care, including leadership changes, outdated emergency department (E.D.) workflow procedures and poor collaboration between physician and nurse leadership. As a result, the hospital performed poorly in key workflow and patient experience metrics:

  • Length of Stay (LOS)
  • Left Without Being Seen (LWBS)
  • Left Against Medical Advice (AMA)

Using our Lean process improvement methodologies, Envision worked with hospital leadership to improve workflow and patient experience by implementing new analytic tools and establishing best practices in operations and staffing.


Enhanced Recruiting and Patient Experience Measures Boost Efficiency, Care Quality


The Envision Difference

We are the group of choice for clinicians at any stage of their careers.

Combining a national infrastructure with local support, we leverage our breadth and depth of clinical and operational resources to allow clinicians to minimize operational concerns and spend more time on what matters: patient care.

Professional Development

We invest in our clinicians, supporting their professional growth through mentoring and national leadership programs and helping them pursue their specific passion in EM, from education and quality initiatives to patient satisfaction and clinical research.

Envision wanted to help me be the best clinician I could be, to invest in my growth, and it’s a ripple effect: The better a leader a clinician is, the better a department is run, and the patient receives the best care possible.


Emergency Medicine Director, Capital Health at Deborah ED

I have been able to participate in all levels of the organization to grow my clinical skills and my leadership experience. I consider myself blessed to work with a practice that recognizes and supports the advancement of women into leadership roles.


Medical Director, Emergency Medicine, Houma, LA