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A More Engaged, Compassionate Bedside Experience

We foster a culture of clinicians who are interactive and dedicated to bedside care. Through coaching, we train a compassionate, empathetic, active approach to all patient interactions.

By utilizing processes and technologies that allow clinicians to increase collaboration, manage rounding and appointments, and access real-time metrics and feedback, we help achieve better patient experience and improved outcomes.

Envision Physician Services - Hospital Medicine - A More ENgaged, Compassionate Bedside Experience
Collaboration Between Clinicians

Because referrals are essential to the admissions process, we utilize our proprietary Direct Admit System for Hospital (DASH) technology to facilitate enhanced communication between community-based clinicians and hospital staff, simplifying and expediting the admissions process.

Our specialty-specific Virtual Health Services leverage technology to enable real-time interaction between expert clinicians, hospital staff and patients. Using our Virtual Health platform, providers access patients through visual evaluation and monitor them in accordance with their treatment plans. This program allows patients who have been discharged to receive quality follow-up services in the comfort of their own homes or wherever it is most convenient for them.

Envision Physician Services - Hospital Medicine - Collaboration Between Clinicians
Practice Area Integration

Our integrated care models provide a seamless service with one point of contact for client hospital operations. Eliminating departmental barriers promotes accountability and engagement between departments, ensuring continuity of care.

Our emergency medicine and hospital medicine integration is the cornerstone of this effort, delivering the most impactful improvements.


Envision Physician Services - Hospital Medicine Practice Area Integration - Reduce Length of Stay

Length of Stay

Envision Physician Services - Hospital Medicine Practice Area Integration - Reduce Arrival-To-Provider Times

Arrival-to-Provider Times


Envision Physician Services - Hospital Medicine Practice Area Integration - Increase Patient Experience

Patient Experience

Envision Physician Services - Hospital Medicine Practice Area Integration - Increase Operational Efficiency

Operational Efficiency

Collaborative Care | 0:49

Our emphasis on integrated service lines fosters collaboration between local physicians across departments, creating a work environment that allows clinicians to more fully consider each patient’s journey throughout the care continuum.

Hear From Our CMO and Medical Group President

When it was first proposed in 2006, the conversation around value-based care focused on its potential viability as a reimbursement model. It’s no longer a question of “if” but “when.” Under the CMS Innovation Center’s new strategic plan, care delivery by 2030 will look quite different than it does today. Dr. Chan Chuang, MD, FCCP, FACP, CMO and Medical Group President for Envision Healthcare, offers his prognosis for value-based care and explains how Envision has positioned itself as a leader in the value-based care movement.


Why Value-Based Care Is the Future of Medicine


The Envision Difference

We are the group of choice for clinicians at any stage of their careers.

Combining a national infrastructure with local support, we leverage our breadth and depth of clinical and operational resources to allow clinicians to minimize operational concerns and spend more time on what matters: delivering high-quality care.

Professional Development

We invest in our clinicians, supporting their professional growth through mentoring and national leadership programs and helping them pursue their specific passion in hospital medicine, from education and quality initiatives to patient satisfaction and clinical research.

Envision Physician Services provides the support I need to grow as a person, a physician, and a leader.


Site Medical Director, The Queen’s Medical Center Honolulu, HI

Envision Physician Services provides me with greater resources to provide more collaborative high quality patient care.


Regional Medical Director