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Using providers trained to assess and treat patients who may require ongoing complex care, Envision Virtual Health provides follow-up visits to manage treatment and recovery for patients who have been discharged from a healthcare facility and may require follow up.

  • Keeps patients in the comfort of their own homes
  • Bridges the gap between discharge and primary care visits
  • Is provided at no additional cost to your facility

Any patient who meets inclusion criteria as determined by a medical professional and can be reasonably managed via Virtual Health is eligible for follow-up care. Using the Envision Virtual Health platform, patients are assessed through visual evaluation and are monitored in accordance with their treatment plans.

Each patient will be seen by an Envision provider already on staff at the healthcare facility from which the patient was discharged, and in some instances, it may be the same provider who discharged the patient to home.

  • Patients may also be asked to use smart devices such as watches, thermometers, blood pressure monitors and pulse oximetry
  • Patients may be virtually reassessed up to two times within a one-week period
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