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Fluctuations during peak census hours strain already-taxed nursing teams. Using a secure platform to complete a visual exam and to initiate diagnostic testing, Envision Virtual Health Services is able to evaluate patients until an onsite clinician is available.

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By bringing together onsite nursing teams and our remote, credentialed emergency medicine clinicians, Envision Virtual Health Services’ tele-triage program allows for rapid increased coverage to manage intermittent and unpredictable volume surges. Once the volume surge is over, our tele-triage partners resume their usual operations and coverage model.

Rapid clinician activation through virtual health reduces the time it takes to call in a backup clinician and eliminates the time and expense of having a clinician travel to the facility. The tele-triage clinician is able to see patients within minutes of being notified.

There are numerous potential benefits to implementing a tele-triage program, including continuing to provide consistent quality care while decreasing variability in performance metrics and optimizing coverage costs.

Potential Benefits

  • Provide support to strained nursing teams
  • Effectively manage volume fluctuations
  • Improve arrival-to-provider times
  • Enhance patient care and experience
  • Reduce left-without-being-seen rates
  • Decrease length of stay and waiting room census
  • Reduce liability exposure
  • Optimize coverage costs


  • Secure HIPAA-compliant virtual platform
  • Access to virtually trained physicians and advanced practice providers
  • Real-time facilitation with nursing personnel
  • Rapid visual exam and early initiation of diagnostic orders
  • No changes to billing practices
  • Ongoing training and education
  • Access to additional Envision Virtual Health Services
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