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More than half of Americans have considered accessing mental health services. With patients’ behavioral health care needs growing, hospitals and health systems must find new ways to provide compassionate, quality care. Using virtual health technology, our Telepsychiatry program expands access to care by allowing frontline clinicians to consult with board-certified psychiatrists situated remotely.

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Telepsychiatry helps hospitals and health systems immediately assess and address patients’ urgent behavioral health care needs. Our responsive virtual platform provides the quality, compassionate care patients deserve and can improve patient flow and reduce length of stay. Telepsychiatry also improves patient and clinician satisfaction by easing the burden on emergency department and inpatient floor teams.

Our program provides a comprehensive set of services ranging from clinical assessment and diagnosis to treatment and follow-up. We can be with patients at every step. Using a secure, virtual platform, hospital and health system clinicians connect with a national network of board-certified psychiatrists, behavioral health professionals and licensed social workers to treat a broad range of mental illness, from depression to addiction and psychotic disorders. The goal is to fit in seamlessly with partners’ clinical and operational workflow, guaranteeing fast response times and robust clinical documentation.

Patients Need Quality, Compassionate Behavioral Health Care

Potential Benefits

  • Enhanced patient access to quality, compassionate behavioral health care
  • Improved overall patient and community health
  • Increased patient flow
  • Fewer inappropriate admissions
  • Reduced length of stay
  • Higher patient satisfaction
  • Enhanced clinician satisfaction
  • Reduced patient costs


  • 24/7 patient access to a national network of board-certified psychiatrists, behavioral health professionals and licensed social workers
  • End-to-end support facilitated by regional medical directors
  • Focus on clinical management and quality
  • Highly-trained, monitored and mentored full-time psychiatrists
  • Behavioral health training and education for partner clinicians
  • Full credentialing
  • Centralized online scheduling system
  • Service guarantee and quality assurance

Srinivas Bollimpalli, MD, Envision National Vice President