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One in 10 U.S. births are premature, but many areas of the country lack access to clinicians who can tackle these challenging cases. Virtual health programs provide an answer. Teleneonatology programs can help physicians provide the compassionate, expert care these fragile patients need in their initial days in the hospital and at home.

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U.S. hospitals are struggling to find neonatologists and other pediatric subspecialists at a time when the number of pre-term births is rising. The crisis is most acute in smaller communities.

Early births take a significant emotional and financial toll on families and on hospitals. Using two-way audio-visual virtual health technology, our multi-dimensional teleneonatology program gives on-site physicians access to expert, board-certified neonatologists who can:

  • Provide acute inpatient care on a daily basis
  • Support remote/level 1 hospitals for emergent situations
  • Provide post-discharge and transitional care support

Teleneonatology can keep moms and babies together, improve patient outcomes and allow hospitals to serve patients who are facing even the most difficult emergencies.

Premature Births

Potential Benefits

  • Immediate support for neonatal emergencies
  • Increased ability to take care of different patient populations
  • Improved clinical outcomes and patient experience – even after discharge
  • Better communication with parents and ability to keep moms and babies together
  • Subspeciality support for community pediatricians and family medicine physicians
  • Virtual education program for hospital team
  • Reduced need for transport
  • Improved bed utilization and discharge timeliness


  • National network of neonatologists available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year who are trained in using virtual health technology
  • Ability to support level 1 nurseries or supplement level 2 nurseries with in-house APPs
  • Continuous data analysis and key performance indicator tracking
  • Virtual Neonatal Support Program that decreases post-NICU discharge care gap
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Bridget Buzzella, MD, FAAP, Envision Regional Medical Director