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Hospital medicine has emerged as a crucial driver of value-based purchasing-related metrics. The hospital medicine division at Envision Physician Services supports improvements that help to:

  • Streamline the admission process
  • Improve patient and medical staff satisfaction
  • Decrease lengths of stay, when medically appropriate, by implementing cost-effective care paths

Envision Physician Services leverages Lean process improvement methodology to generate best-practice workflows that streamline the patient experience and ensure timely, appropriate patient evaluation.

  • Effectively manage cost-per-case
  • Reduce preventable readmissions and related CMS-imposed financial penalties
  • Improve throughput and metrics by expediting inpatient admissions from the emergency department
  • Decrease emergency department boarding time and inpatient length of stay

Hospitalists’ Early Morning Discharge Process Improved Metrics


Hospitalists at a 70-bed hospital increased the rate of early morning discharges from 23 percent to 72 percent in 30 days with these tools and tactics.

Integrated Hospital Medicine Services

Hospitals and health systems benefit from national experts, benchmarks and proven processes available from an organization with proven hospital medicine experience:

  • 24/7 hospitalist coverage for unassigned patients
  • Coverage for the intensive care, pediatrics, psychiatric, medical, skilled nursing, rehabilitation and other inpatient units
  • Consults on surgery, OB/GYN, psychiatry and other units
  • Collaboration with emergency medicine physicians, including patient handoffs
  • Value-based purchasing program support
  • Access to proprietary technology for rounding, prioritizing, bed management, room locator information and charge capture
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