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Dynamic Pediatric Radiology Services

Radiology impacts every aspect of the care continuum, from patient experience and outcomes to throughput and referrals. That’s why Envision Pediatric Radiology Alliance (ePRA) invests in dynamic pediatric radiology services focused on removing barriers to timely, accurate and comprehensive reads.

Patient-Focused. Quality-Driven.

ePRA provides around-the-clock pediatric-focused teleradiology services for emergency and subspecialized advanced imaging interpretations, working with onsite radiology teams at both dedicated children’s hospitals and general hospitals with significant pediatric patient populations to optimize pediatric imaging coverage.

With a robust quality assurance program that directly involves Dr. Michael Katz, our Medical Director for Pediatric Imaging, we review all variances, scores and addendums before sharing them with the original interpreter and the client. ePRA also participates in ongoing peer review per ACR guidelines and shares quarterly clinical QA reports with all clients.

Dynamic Pediatric Radiology Services


  • Non-predatory practice working in concert with onsite Radiology team
  • Rapid critical findings, results turnaround
  • U.S.-based, fellowship-trained pediatric radiologists and subspecialists
  • Robust quality assurance program
  • 24/7 support personnel
  • Assistance with protocol design
  • Support for training technologists and stenographers on exam content
  • Overflow support during daytime hours
  • After-hours and weekend final or preliminary interpretations
  • Patient-centric approach
  • Proven physician leadership with access to pediatric radiologists 24/7

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