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Patient-Centric Radiology

As a leading national medical group, Envision Physician Services provides clinically integrated radiology services by partnering with the institutions we serve. Our comprehensive approach delivers high-quality, value-based distributed radiology services by seamlessly blending on and off-site care to our partners and tailoring our scalable clinical solutions to their needs.

Under our distributed radiology model, we combine on-site radiologists and a dedicated medical director with a comprehensive network of off-site subspecialists to increase the quality and efficiency of delivering patient-centric care.

National Infrastructure, Local Integration

With a team of more than 1,250 radiologists completing more than 12.9 million reads per year, Envision provides economy of scale while integrating at the local level and aligning with the communities we serve to improve quality and turnaround times.

Using proprietary software, we leverage the collective clinical knowledge of our national network of subspecialists to provide 24/7 availability to our healthcare partners. We provide critical real-time support to our network of radiologists and as well as our customers through our dedicated Care Management Center team, which constantly monitors cases and workflow. These solutions help make care more accessible for patients and ensure each case is read expediently by the most qualified radiologist.

Physician-Led Excellence

Our success is built by empowering our physicians to deliver the highest quality of care. This includes physician-led leadership, talent development and a platform that provides detailed metrics on quality and efficiency. We also champion innovative approaches to care by leveraging leading-edge technologies, featuring an artificial-intelligence-driven workflow.

Envision’s Envoy Team is a group of the finest clinicians, put together to travel to new and current clinical sites nationwide to ensure continuity of high-quality patient care for transitional change and growth.

Distributed Radiology Quick Facts

  • 1,250+ radiologists
  • 12.9 million cases each year
  • 24/7 availability
  • Comprehensive group of specialists/subspecialists
  • Proprietary case routing software
  • Innovative care approaches, including AI-driven workflows

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About Envision Physician Services Radiology
Envision Physician Services is the second-largest hospital-based radiology group in the nation, with more than 1,250 radiologists completing more than 12 million cases each year for more than 250 healthcare partners. Our integrated technology platforms allow us to customize solutions for every client, including traditional, distributed and teleradiology models.