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Oro Valley Anesthesia

Oro Valley Anesthesia has been practicing in the Tucson community since 2004. With our focus on high-quality patient care, satisfaction and safety, we have grown our practice from five to 18 board-certified anesthesiologists. OVA practices out of Oro Valley Hospital, Northwest Medical Center and a number of surgery centers across Tucson. Whether you are a patient or surgeon looking for excellent anesthesia care, our group can fulfill your needs.

Setting the Benchmark in Anesthesia with Envision Physician Services

Oro Valley Anesthesia, as a division of Valley Anesthesia Consultants, partnered with Envision Physician Services in 2016. Envision Physician Services is the nation’s largest physician group, with more than 60 years’ experience designing, testing and implementing anesthesia management strategies that measurably impact efficiency, quality and costs. Leveraging their national resources, including Lean process improvement, clinical best practices and optimized clinical and operational workflows, Envision Physician Services is committed to raising the standard of healthcare and building healthier communities.

  • Rated No. 1 among anesthesia services providers in reliability and availability of staffing
  • Rated highest among anesthesia services providers in improving quality of clinical care
  • Rated as an anesthesia group that exceeds customer expectations on key criteria, including surgeon satisfaction