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Anesthesia Services

At Envision Physician Services, we know that anesthesia leadership is critical to a well-functioning operating suite. Anesthesia leaders have the ability to drive change in the surgical suite, impacting its clinical, operational and financial performance.

When it comes to anesthesia service delivery, hospitals and health systems may face challenges with anesthesia coverage, operating room efficiency, perioperative processes or anesthesia subsidies.

Our anesthesia services teams have worked with hospital, health system and ambulatory surgery center stakeholders to:

  • Reduce surgical case cancellations and delays
  • Improve operating room throughput and efficiency
  • Enhance quality for improved patient outcomes
  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Implement flexible anesthesia staffing models
  • Improve communication
  • Improve financial performance
  • Reduce anesthesia subsidy

Set the Benchmark in Anesthesia Services.

For more than 60 years, our anesthesia services group has designed, tested and successfully implemented anesthesia management strategies that have made a measurable impact on anesthesia efficiency, quality and costs.

As hospitals continually seek to improve aspects of performance, they look to us for our expertise in lean process improvement, clinical best practices and optimization of clinical and operational workflows.

  • Rated No. 1 among anesthesia services providers in reliability and availability of staffing
  • Rated highest among anesthesia services providers in improving quality of clinical care
  • Rated as an anesthesia group that exceeds customer expectations on key criteria, including surgeon satisfaction

Redefining Or Efficiency


With a renewed focus on overall efficiency at Memorial Regional Hospital, administration, surgeons, anesthesiologists and surgical services staff sought to reorganize the operating room and improve outpatient case volume, preadmission testing and cancellation rates.


Reduce the Risk of Service Transition.

Through our depth and breadth of anesthesia service delivery experience, we know how to mitigate risk and provide a seamless transition of service for hospitals and systems of any size. Our board-certified anesthesia transition team ensures all of our anesthesia services programs are fully operational from day one and offers comprehensive on-site orientation for clinicians.