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Perinatal Outreach Nurse Navigation

Envision’s perinatal outreach nurses provide an innovative approach to supporting mothers and babies through their care journeys. Perinatal outreach nurses are featured in our “Momcierge” care model, a model which provides concierge support for high-risk moms and babies during pregnancy. This model prioritizes world-class patient experience and outcomes, linking moms and babies to qualified specialists for birth, NICU and subsequent lifetime follow-up care.

Perinatal outreach nurses perform a critical function within this care model as patient advocates, personalizing maternal care and supporting their journey through pregnancy, NICU stay and discharge.

Envision’s perinatal outreach nurses support top-of-scope care at our partner facilities, allowing more infants to receive care in their communities without transferring to outside facilities.

  • Perinatal Outreach Nurses educate OBs, maternal fetal medicine (MFM) clinicians, and moms regarding services
    • Develop pregnancy plans or pre-planned NICU transport
    • Coordinate care for complex maternal or NICU care
    • Support transition to home and long-term care
    • Track data and outcomes, including volume, clinical results and patient experience
  • Envision provides operational support as well
    • Direct-to-consumer advertising
    • Develop websites, targeted social media and brochures for placement in OB and MFM offices