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Maternal Fetal Medicine

Envision Physician Services’ Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) coverage ensures your community and hospital are prepared for increasing high-risk obstetric needs. Our teams support high-risk deliveries at your hospital, preventing revenue leaks and ensuring better patient experience and outcomes. Our clinician teams, including MFM physicians and OB hospitalists, co-manage high-risk cases, avoiding unnecessary maternal transports out of our partner facilities and potentially contributing to increased NICU admissions. Our neonatologists provide antenatal consults, completing the continuum of care from pregnancy to birth to NICU stay.

  • Outpatient MFM clinics
  • Inpatient consultation and procedures
  • Regional high-risk transports
  • TeleMFM
  • Shared protocols, goals and national best practices tailored to your local community
  • Streamlined partnership and financial efficiencies with the support of regional and national infrastructure