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Information on surprise medical billing protections is available here.

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Envision provides physician care for several different services. Please refer to the logo in the top left corner of your statement or the description in your text message and select the corresponding service below.

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You received care from a clinician or provider during your hospital visit


Clinicians bill separate from the hospital

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If you are insured, we already submitted the bill to your insurance, who determined your responsibility

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If you are uninsured, this bill is your responsibility. If you need assistance, please contact us for options

Envision Physician Services is a national group of care providers. We work with medical departments such as hospitals and clinics by providing physicians and advanced practice providers that deliver your care. Envision providers come from many specialties: Anesthesia, Critical Care, Emergency Medicine, Hospital Medicine, Radiology, Surgical Services, and Women’s and Children’s services.

This bill is for the medical care you received from an Envision clinician during your hospital visit or stay. The clinician practice is not a part of the hospital. Since the hospital and physicians are paid separately, you might receive more than one bill.

The insurance company will apply the benefits of your plan and then determine your responsibility. We worked directly with your insurance company prior to sending a bill. This bill reflects the portion of the cost that is your responsibility to pay directly to the physician practice that provided your care. If you believe your insurance company made an error, please contact them directly.

While some Envision physicians are not in network with all insurance companies, Envision does not send “surprise medical bills,” also referred to as “balance bills.”

If you have insurance coverage but have not yet met your deductible or co-insurance, the amount you owe us is determined by your insurance company. Once your insurance company determines what portion of the bill is your responsibility, we will bill you directly for this portion. Your insurance company is required to comply with state and federal law, including the No Surprises Act in determining the amount of patient responsibility or cost sharing you may owe in out-of-network circumstances. If you believe your insurance company made an error or want to confirm that the amount determined by your insurer is correct, please contact them directly.

Envision continuously works with insurance companies so our clinicians can participate in their networks. For years, Envision has been committed to resolving the issue of surprise medical bills. Our national medical group supports the bipartisan No Surprises Act that, as written, is intended to protect patients from surprise medical bills. The ban on surprise billing under the No Surprises Act became effective January 1, 2022.

This is not a duplicate bill. Charges for physicians who care for you during a visit or admission to the hospital may be separate from those of the hospital where you received care. You may receive separate bills for the same visit or admission.

During your visit to the hospital or urgent care clinic specified on your bill, you received care from a medical specialist that is a member of an Envision practice. You may not have interacted with the physicians who provided input into your case.

Please contact us so that we can update your account. We will work directly with your insurance company to submit your claim.

Envision does not balance bill patients. However, when patients receive care from out of network providers, they may experience higher deductibles or coinsurance due to their insurance company’s plan design. In some circumstances, insurance companies do not provide clear or accurate information regarding your coinsurance and deductible. If you feel your bill is incorrect or you would like to speak with Envision about a payment plan or support with your bills, please contact us.

Envision has a longstanding policy of not sending “surprise medical bills.” As a national medical group, we do everything in our power to make sure patients receive the highest quality of care and protect them from unexpected costs. Ultimately, your insurance company determines how much it will cover for your medical care and the amount of that care that you are responsible for as a patient. For example, your insurance company may require you to pay a high deductible amount or co-insurance which may be a surprise to you. If you believe your insurance company made an error or has not complied with its requirements in assigning amounts to you, please contact them directly.

If you feel your bill is incorrect or you would like to speak with Envision about a payment plan or support with your, please contact us.

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