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Our service pillars stand at the ready to help our clinicians and partners thrive amid the continuous challenges facing healthcare.
Envision Physician Services - Performance and Quality


Each of our practice areas operate within a dyad leadership structure, pairing clinicians with operational experts to ensure alignment, drive quality improvement and pursue operational excellence at every facility. Local-level support across the country empowers our clinical leaders at every level of the organization to drive results in collaboration with hospital leadership.

Our quarterly quality reports provide hospital leaders with meaningful data to improve their facilities in the following key areas:

  • Throughput and productivity
  • Patient and clinician satisfaction
  • OR efficiency
  • Communication
  • Financial performance
  • Patient outcomes
  • Patient referrals
  • Patient safety


How the ET3 Program Can Transform Healthcare


By combining clinical and programmatic expertise with a personal touch, our Virtual Health Services improve patient outcomes and satisfaction, enhance operational efficiency and overall quality and reduce costs. Each Virtual Health clinician completes extensive training to provide care through the screen. Our comprehensive approach includes:

  • Program and hospital support, including regular participation in hospital initiatives
  • Start-up training and continuing education for all relevant stakeholders
  • Development and utilization of protocols and order sets
  • Comprehensive quality-metric tracking
  • On-call coverage by all clinicians under the supervision of a medical director
  • Tailorable coverage based on facility needs
Envision Physician Services - Cost and Efficiency


Hospital management faces ongoing pressure to control and reduce costs while ensuring quality. We're here to help.

With more than 40 years of experience, Envision Physician Services has developed proven strategies to grow profitable programs. Our integrated services model provides a more efficient continuum of care through standardized practices, technologies and cross-departmental collaboration.

Amassing more than 19 million annual patient encounters, our revenue cycle management and best-in-class billing consistently outperform benchmarks.


Why Value-Based Care Is the Future of Medicine

Envision Physician Services - Process Improvement


Our culture of Lean transformation and our Virtual Health Services enable hospitals and health systems to improve and standardize quality of care, find clinical and operational efficiencies to reduce costs and sustain long-term process improvement.

To date, we have facilitated more than 500 Lean process improvement events in clinical and corporate healthcare settings, including revenue cycle management and healthcare operations. We have provided Virtual Health services since 2010 and presently operate those services in alignment with our six core practice areas: Emergency Medicine, Hospital Medicine, Radiology, Anesthesia, Women’s and Children’s, and Surgical Services. Between March and the end of December 2020, our clinicians provided nearly 250,000 virtual health visits.


Closing the Gaps: Eliminating Chance in Neonatology Quality Efforts

Envision Physician Services - Clinical Staffing



A Systemic Approach to Combating Clinician Burnout with Professional Well-Being


We invest in aggressive clinical recruitment resources and extensive staffing capabilities to ensure our programs are fully operational on day one of service. We leverage the scale of our national group practice, flexible staffing models and board-certified transition teams to meet the needs of our hospital and health system clients.

  • 100+ transitions in the past six years
  • Database of more than 50,000 providers in all 50 states
  • Innovative practice models customized for each practice

We provide dedicated medical directors at each practice and incentivize our clinical team to engage in local leadership, driving ongoing quality improvement initiatives and building their teams to ensure consistent delivery of high-quality care.

Our local, regional and national infrastructure is designed to provide our clinicians and partners the suite of resources essential for delivering patient-centric care.