Dr. Latha Ganti

Latha Ganti, M.D., M.S., MBA, FACEP, FAHA, says her goal is to make Osceola Regional Emergency Department a place of vibrancy, warmth and welcome to whomever visits. In other words, she wants it to feel like home.

As the daughter of the Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations, Dr. Ganti called many places home during her childhood, including New York City, Switzerland and Kenya. She speaks seven languages and attended medical school in Puerto Rico.

Dr. Ganti explained that her contentment in emergency medicine is deeply connected to her background. “When I was a child, we always went to the E.R. for our care, and I never had a primary care physician. Sometimes we waited for hours to be treated for a cold or a broken bone. These experiences prepared me for the work I do now.”

More than 53 percent of residents in Osceola County are Hispanic and Latino, and many do not have a primary care physician (PCP). Dr. Ganti said she finds it very rewarding to educate patients and their families at bedside, whether she is going over test results or explaining the importance of taking medication regularly.

Another essential aspect of patient care is listening. “I give my patients the time and space to ask what they want to ask,” Dr. Ganti said.  “I ask them, ‘What do you want to get out of this visit?’ If there are family members present, I ask, ‘Is there anything else you want me to check?’” These questions often help reveal the exact reason for the E.D. visit.

Medicine is a Great Career for Women

A mother of five children, Dr. Ganti said medicine is a great career for women, “Women are natural multi-taskers because we are comfortable with the constant moving components of a family. We are doing leadership every single day by building consensus from the group. We manage a household, multiple children and a career, and we excel at moving from being assertive to diplomatic to cajoling.  Those are essential attributes of a mother, and I need those qualities every day as a doctor.”

Dr. Ganti said she enjoys the flexibility of emergency medicine shift work because it has allowed her to be present at all of her children’s important events. When she is home, she can be fully present.

Working with Envision

Along with providing excellent patient care, Dr. Ganti is passionate about developing “robust academic medicine” within her department, and she attributes the support from Envision Physician Services, especially Executive Vice President Brian Baxter, M.D., for the opportunities to build a strong emergency room.

“He’s amazing,” she affirmed. “He has given me and countless other people so many opportunities. He asks, ‘What do you want to do, and how do you want to grow within the company?’ And when I give my ideas, he says, ‘Why don’t you write a draft of your proposal, and I’ll take a look at it.’ This has allowed us to do some really exciting things here.”

Because of the support from the team at Envision Physician Services, “we have built our department into a full-fledged academic emergency department to the envy of any other larger-institution medical department,” she explained. “I’m so happy working here — it shows, and it’s contagious. Positivity breeds positivity.”

Dr. Ganti said that Dr. Baxter encourages diversity and has improved diversity within her unit and within Envision as a whole. When she sought to expand her network, Dr. Baxter made it possible for her to attend a leadership conference, where networking landed her the post of associate medical director for Envision’s Clinical Research and Scientific Intelligence unit. Dr. Baxter later nominated her for the EM National Quality Committee. Today, Dr. Ganti is the Stroke Subcommittee Chair of the EM National Quality Committee, and a member of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, and she nominates other qualified physicians. “Great leaders like Dr. Baxter promote diversity and create opportunities for their workers,” she said.

“I’m very passionate about the success of [Envision], and I am proud to be a part of Brian Baxter’s team. I think it shows in everything I do.”