The Envision Physician Services EMBassador Travel Team program provides opportunities for physicians to explore nationwide options as they fill in at facilities with staffing needs. For Jennifer Galjour, M.D., an emergency medicine physician, joining the EMBassador Travel Team meant taking the next step in her career while maintaining the ever so valuable schedule flexibility and work-life balance.

“I love that I’m treated like a full-time employee at new facilities, with full-time benefits and support,” Dr. Galjour said. “Because I fill a gap in staffing, sites are really accommodating in terms of scheduling. It’s really nice to carry full-time employee status but have flexibility with where I go and what I do.”

Dr. Galjour joined the Travel Team in 2017. She currently splits her schedule between two different facilities in New York, depending on her availability. Along with the opportunities to travel, Dr. Galjour appreciates the ability to control her schedule.

Exploring Coast-to-Coast Practices

Sreedar Raja, M.D., Medical Director at Monmouth Medical Center-Southern Campus in Lakewood, New Jersey, said the EMBassador program allows physicians just out of residency to explore different areas of practice while having the support of Envision Physician Services.

“It’s a great way for young doctors to see a lot of practice settings. You meet a lot of new colleagues and become comfortable in a variety of settings,” Dr. Raja said. “It can help you figure out where you want to live and work, and it can be a shortcut to getting a full-time position. Physicians on the team love the flexibility and opportunities it affords them.”

EMBassador physicians provide valuable services at facilities with open positions or general staffing needs. In Dr. Raja’s opinion, staffing facilities with EMBassadors makes more sense than hiring new physicians.

“We already hired these physicians into the company, and we know they’re great,” Dr. Raja said. “It’s a great solution for everyone involved – the facility, the physician and Envision Physician Services.”

A Worthwhile Experience

Along with the ability to travel and experience a variety of practice locations, physicians in the EMBassador program benefit from competitive compensation, new opportunities, equitable scheduling, equal benefits and ample time off. Dr. Galjour said it’s rewarding to know her services are needed and that she is making a difference at her practice facility and in the lives of patients.

“Everyone is benefiting – the staff, the hospital and the patients. Fewer people are stressed and feeling overworked, and it feels good to help,” Dr. Galjour said. “I love showing up at work because everyone is happy to see me.”