As a testament to the motivated individuals that make up Envision Healthcare, we would like to congratulate three employees for summiting the arduous Mount Kilimanjaro this past October.

Jordan Oelschlager, Vice President, Anesthesia Operations; Conor Beardsley, National Vice President, Operations and Lanty O’Connor, Vice President, Clinical Quality Operations, reached the 19,341-foot peak of Mount Kilimanjaro after five days of weathering heavy rain, poor sleeping conditions and low oxygen levels.

Paying tribute to Envision, Beardsley and his colleagues proudly stood behind the company flag at the peak. “We wanted to recognize Envision for being the thread that brought us all together,” Beardsley said. “Our clinical colleagues inspire us to improve ourselves and continually climb higher.” O’Connor agreed, commending Envision for its high-quality employees and work environment. “I think there’s something unique about the culture that connected us and made us feel confident enough to go for it,’” O’Connor said. “It was a once-in a-lifetime experience.”

Oelschlager reflected on the journey and recognized the importance of teamwork. “I thought the trek would be an individual accomplishment, but really, bonding over complaints, encouragement and laughter is what got us to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro,” Oelschlager said. “It goes to show that life’s toughest obstacles can best be overcome if you have the right team to support you along the way.”

Whether it be a mountain or healthcare initiative, Envision is proud to have employees who reach for new heights and display strength and perseverance in all aspects of their lives.