March 30 is National Doctors’ Day—an opportunity to express our deep gratitude for physicians on frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis. While so many of us are practicing social distancing to limit the spread of this infectious and devastating disease, our physicians are running into the fire, putting their health and safety at risk to protect patients. These Healthcare Heroes are rising to the occasion daily to maintain our country’s healthcare safety net.

As confirmed cases continue to rise, each provider is preparing for someone with COVID-19 to walk through their doors. Emergency physicians, who have had extensive training in treating viral infections, are often on the frontlines of emergencies such as COVID-19, but this crisis is impacting caregivers throughout the entire care continuum. As reported cases continue to rise, so too has the number of physicians forced in quarantine due to exposure to COVID-19 patients. Their unwavering commitment to their patients and the call of their professions has left them unable to serve in this time of need.

As a physician-led organization, we have a responsibility to protect our clinicians, and that is not a duty we take lightly. We recently secured and are in the process of distributing critical PPE supplies to teams in the areas hit hardest by the virus. Furthermore, we are reimbursing physicians for any PPE equipment that they can secure on their own.

This investment in our team’s safety and well-being goes beyond access to supplies. It means an increased focus on virtual health services to reduce unnecessary exposure to the general population, patients and healthcare workers. For our physicians forced into quarantine due to inpatient exposure, we are paying for their missed shifts. We understand physicians are dealing with anxiety due to the risks they are taking, and we are supporting them through access to mental health resources and daily clinician support meetings.

“While our communities are doing the right thing with social distancing, our physicians do not enjoy that choice and are putting themselves at risk,” Doug Smith, MD, FACEP, President of Envision Physician Services, said. “You are our Healthcare Heroes, and we are committed 100 percent to try to keep you safe and support you.”

Help Us Celebrate Our Healthcare Heroes

We invite you to join us in expressing gratitude for our Healthcare Heroes! Post a video of yourself We invite you to join us in celebrating our Healthcare Heroes by posting a video of yourself thanking physicians for all that they are doing to maintain our country’s healthcare safety net during the COVID-19 crisis and use the #HealthcareHeroes hashtag.

Our organization is honored to celebrate the work of these men and women as they demonstrate a willingness to stand united in their commitment to patient safety and well-being. We thank you for everything you do to care for communities and help contain the spread of COVID-19.