In the emergency department of Central Florida Regional Hospital in Sanford, Florida, doctors and nurses quickly positioned themselves to evaluate a young patient experiencing severe respiratory distress. Upon realizing the patient’s history of having an extremely difficult and challenging airway, David Lambie, D.O., emergency medicine physician, contacted the anesthesia team for support. “In what seemed like 20 seconds, Dr. Pierre and Dr. Angelica arrived in the ER to help,” Dr. Lambie said.

Steve Pierre, M.D., Envision Physician Services Anesthesiologist and Chief of Anesthesia at Central Florida Regional Hospital, has more than 12 years of anesthesia experience and values his ability to touch a variety of different specialties so when Envision’s emergency medicine team called in critical need of his skills, Dr. Pierre was ready to help.

­Dr. Lambie led his nurses and techs through resuscitation and preparation for transport while Dr. Pierre successfully stabilized the patient’s airway using an Ambu Pediatric Bronchoscope, a fiber optic intubation scope to guide difficult airway management. “It was a collaborative effort,” Dr. Pierre said. “As an anesthesiologist, I am grateful for training that supports my ability to work with so many specialties and manage all sorts of situations, especially when it comes to these difficult techniques and cases.”

Dr. Lambie, who previously taught difficult airway skills to emergency medicine residents and tactical paramedics on the SWAT team, was impressed with the group and with Dr. Pierre’s ability to manage such a tough procedure. “It is our newest piece of emergency equipment,” Dr. Lambie said. “The AmbuScope proved to be invaluable when it came to allowing Dr. Pierre to be successful.”

Following the procedure, the young patient was transferred to a critical care intensivist who later commended the team for doing a great job in a difficult situation.

Along with other Envision leaders in emergency medicine, Dr. Pierre sits on several committees and participates in the hospital’s anesthesia department monthly journal club meetings to discuss relevant topics on all specialties including emergency medicine. “We are all working toward a common goal within the company as well as at the hospital, and I think Envision does a great job of supporting that.”

This situation is just one of many scenarios in which these two departments have collaborated and produced positive outcomes. “We have a good rapport, and they (the emergency department) know we are their backup, especially when it comes to cases with difficult airways,” Dr. Pierre said. “We know each other’s skills and the role we play in order to get the job done.”