Three Envision Physician Services surgery centers, Florida Surgery Center, Orlando Center for Outpatient Surgery and RMG/IVF Surgery Center, ranked in the top 10 percentile for overall patient experience in 2017, based on composite Survey Vitals scores. The facilities’ leaders credit this success to diligent patient communication, an emphasis on teamwork and a commitment to staying on the leading edge of their specialties.

Jeff Burns, M.D., Program Chief at Orlando Center for Outpatient Surgery, said he wants his patients to feel they have access to physicians from the moment they walk through the center’s doors.

“I explain I’m there to keep them safe, and I make sure they understand that they can contact me with questions and concerns,” Dr. Burns said. “Any time I have a situation that is unexpected or concerning, they get my cellphone number. If they begin to feel nauseous while getting dressed, I want to know about that, too.” The anesthesiologist said it is important to keep channels of communication open during times of uncertainty, often updating patients on their surgeon’s whereabouts and schedule. 

Andre Kwa, M.D., Medical Director at Florida Surgery Center, encourages teamwork and quick problem solving among his staff. He believes that frequent and thorough team communication leads to high-quality patient care. 

“Communication should be totally transparent,” Dr. Kwa said. “Any critiques we can give each other – we make them constructive. Our team works in unison, and it shows. We all get along, and the patients all get taken care of.” He said honest and effective discourse allows the group to function as a symbiotic unit. Dr. Kwa also credits many recent changes to the center’s new administrator, who emphasizes positivity and communication. 

Dr. Burns and Dr. Kwa both enjoy staying abreast of the latest surgical trends and techniques through talking with colleagues and attending medical conferences. Dr. Kwa attends a Healthcare Corporation of America (HCA) meeting yearly to hear speakers from around the country discuss the latest innovations. 

“Overall, at Envision Healthcare, we have the ability to share ideas and ask questions,” Dr. Kwa said. “Being a part of HCA and Envision gives us the best of both worlds.