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Case Studies: Team-based Approach Boosts Throughput and Sepsis Response at Houston Area Facility

Case Study

Team-based Approach Boosts Efficiency and Sepsis Response at Houston Area Facility

hospital location Envision Physician Services Partner Facility | Houston, TX

hospital challenges Hospital Challenges

Before partnering with Envision Physician Services, this Houston-area facility experienced problems with staffing, sepsis response, and patient satisfaction. The facility used 40 locum providers. Their top-box scores ranked in the bottom 10 percent of emergency departments nationally for “patient satisfaction with ED doctor.” In addition, the facility experienced frequent workflow bottlenecks, resulting in excessive wait times and high rates of patients leaving prior to MSE and patients leaving AMA. The facility also suffered low sepsis bundle compliance as a result of unaligned and unclarified goals among staff.

Envision recognizes that aligning and standardizing goals across clinical and administrative teams is vital to providing the highest-quality patient care.


80.4% reduction in arrival-to-medical-screening-exam (MSE) times, from 45 to 8.8 minutes

80.2% reduction in patients’ leaving against medical advice (AMA), from 3.6% to 0.7%

118% increase in sepsis present-on-admission (POA) 3-hour bundle compliance, from 34.6% to 75.4%

27.4% increase in “patient satisfaction with ED doctor” Top Box scores, from 58% to 73.9%


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