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Case Studies: Team-based Approach Boosts Throughput and Sepsis Response at Houston Area Facility

Case Study

Team-based Approach Boosts Efficiency and Sepsis Response at Houston Area Facility

hospital location Envision Physician Services Partner Facility | Houston, TX

hospital challenges Hospital Challenges

This hospital experienced staffing challenges such that they used 40 locum providers. The facility also had a stymied workflow, with patients waiting an average of 45 minutes before being seen by a provider. In addition, the facility suffered low sepsis bundle compliance as a result of unaligned and unclarified goals.

Envision recognizes that aligning and standardizing goals across clinical and administrative teams is vital to providing the highest-quality patient care.


80.4% reduction in arrival-to-medical-screening-exam (MSE) times, from 45 to 8.8 minutes

80.2% reduction in patients’ leaving against medical advice (AMA), from 3.6% to 0.7%

118% increase in sepsis present-on-admission (POA) 3-hour bundle compliance, from 34.6% to 75.4%

27.4% increase in “patient satisfaction with ED doctor” Top Box scores, from 58% to 73.9%


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