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Radiology Services

We believe that radiology must be accountable to defined standards. This focus on standards-based radiology improves patient outcomes and lowers the cost of care by eliminating errors, variation and waste across the health system.

Envision Physician Services has integrated the industry’s most stringent radiology quality metrics into our care model.

Not only do we hold our radiology services accountable to diagnostic accuracy, appropriate utilization and service level excellence, but we also enable system-wide accountability to these standards through our radiology enterprise management solutions.

Our standards-based radiology model allows us to:

  • Increase healthcare value, improve operations: improve emergency department throughput, lower length of stay, improve outpatient growth and lower downstream cost
  • Maximize clinical consistency: utilize the appropriate subspecialists, achieve lower turnaround times and deliver critical results in minutes
  • Lower error rates and turnaround times: enable lower error rates through continuous improvement and increase effective scale of the practice to improve radiology turnaround time consistency

Radiology impacts everything: all disease categories, emergency department throughput, patient safety, physician referrals, patient experience and length of stay. That’s why Envision Physician Services has invested years into building the only unified, national standards-based radiology group, currently providing more than 8 million final reads to 530 service contracts in 35 states.

Our radiology teams have worked with hospital and health system stakeholders to:

  • Achieve lower radiology turnaround times and receive critical results in minutes
  • Ensure consistent accuracy and implement an industry-leading quality assurance program
  • Provide an integrated national network of subspecialist expertise
  • Reduce radiology subsidies
  • Leverage an integrated IT platform and data-rich environment


Standards-Based Radiology Drives Quality and Imaging Growth


A full-service acute care hospital network that includes four hospitals with a total of 297 beds and 24 Community Care clinics and outpatient centers realized significant radiology growth and service quality.


The Right Radiologist at the Right Time Reading the Right Study.

By establishing best practice criteria and setting standards by which to measure the performance of radiologists and radiology providers, the entire practice of radiology is elevated to a new level of value.

  • 850+ radiologists, U.S.-trained and based
  • 100% final reads
  • Industry-leading radiology turnaround times for stat studies
  • Stroke and trauma program capabilities
  • 24/7/365 teleradiology services

Radiology Program Implementation: Joint Operations Planning

At Envision Physician Services, we are masters of clinical operations, and we have the infrastructure to support and accomplish our partners’ strategic objectives.

Together with hospital or system leadership, we create custom radiology programs and seamless implementation plans to meet the needs of the facility.