Operating Room Efficiency

Redefining Operating Room Efficiency


With a renewed focus on overall efficiency at Memorial Regional, administration, surgeons, anesthesiologists and surgical services staff sought to reorganize the operating room (O.R.) and improve outpatient case volume, preadmission testing and cancellation rates.


Envision Physician Services recommended and implemented a process improvement strategy. This six-month process removed obstacles to O.R. governance and leadership, built communication between surgeons, anesthesiologists and surgical staff, and coordinated case scheduling and block time for optimal efficiency. A Surgical Services Executive Committee was also formed, with local surgeons and Envision Physician Services anesthesiology leaders overseeing goals for continued optimal efficiency in the O.R.

Surgical timetable

Surgical timetable was created to improve block time schedules, outlining all outpatient cases and improving surgical chart readiness a full 5 days before surgery occurs

Surgeons are texted

Surgeons are texted 30 to 40 minutes prior to surgery to inform them that the patient is ready



70%25 reduction in surgical case cancellations

70% reduction in surgical case cancellations, from 10% to only 3%

15%25 increase in case volume

15% increase in case volume through a new block time strategy and the addition of 4 new O.R.s


“We are seeing a lot more patients through the O.R., and the growth rate has been exponential because of our O.R. efficiency. We have less cancellations and greater surgeon satisfaction. Working together, we have implemented a product that is now second to none.”

ZEFF ROSS, CEO of Memorial Regional Hospital

“This project would not have gone anywhere without input from [the anesthesia group]. Their engagement with preadmission testing protocols greatly improved surgery scheduling as well as patient satisfaction.”

ANTHONY DASILVA, Director of Surgical Services at Memorial Regional Hospital

“Proper utilization of block time creates O.R. efficiency. Our current block time solution means more rooms, more business and a larger market share.”

JOSEPH LOSKOVE, MD Chief of Anesthesiology at Memorial Healthcare System

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