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Radiology Associates of Hollywood

Radiology Associates of Hollywood (RAH), an Envision Physician Services provider, attracts esteemed radiologists from across the nation. If you want to work among the best and brightest, explore our featured leadership and staff positions in sunny southeast Florida.

With radiologist leaders at every level of our organization, we understand what radiologists need to deliver high-quality care to patients while experiencing an exceptional quality of practice. Our client partner, Memorial Healthcare System, known for patient- and family-centered care, has won numerous awards and was selected as one of the best places to work in healthcare.

Avner Yemin, MD
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Radiology Chair,
National Clinical Advisory Council

I’m proud to work in Envision mainly because of the people that I work with. We learn from one another and share cases. It’s just a great collegial environment.

During FRS 2024

Join us in Orlando to meet and mingle with our clinical leaders and recruiters over dessert, coffee and cocktails during FRS 2024!


As a practice, RAH offers a unique combination of reputation, stability and support within the Envision family. The group has maintained its status as the exclusive radiology services provider within the Memorial Healthcare System for 70 years.

In addition, RAH offers the following:

  • Reputational excellence locally, regionally and nationally
  • Opportunities to pursue your passion in radiology
  • Flexible and equitable scheduling and reasonable caseload, in support of work-life balance
  • Clinical excellence supported by innovation, integration and exceptional leadership

RAH takes a unique approach to excellence, ensuring that each radiologist is subspecialty-trained and works primarily (more than 80 percent) within their subspecialty. In addition, with 20 hours per week of multidisciplinary clinical case conferences, we work hard to strengthen relationships with surgeons and other specialties.

Residents, are you wondering how to find the right fit for your first job? Our Transition to Practice events will help you do just that! At these events, our clinical leaders answer your most pressing questions and highlight what to consider when looking for your first position. Contact our National Residency Team to coordinate an educational session with your program.

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A Voice in the Group

Envision radiologists make clinical and operational decisions together, creating opportunities to provide excellent patient care and develop professional bonds that help ensure a fulfilling career.

Radiology Associates of Hollywood offers a collaborative culture.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality medicine for our patients and the healthcare community in a considerate, caring and timely manner. Providing quality care for patients starts with taking the best care of our radiologists. Our collaborative culture of quality, inclusion, growth and innovation, supported by exceptional resources, provides the perfect environment to enhance your professional satisfaction and personal fulfillment.

Quality and Efficiency

RAH provides the highest quality radiology services to the South Florida community. One way we do so is by ensuring subspecialty-trained radiologists perform interpretations on complex exams. More than 96 percent of our MRIs are read by a fellowship-trained subspecialist.

Quality initiatives include the following:

  • Conducting a case review session with all applicants to ensure the requisite level of quality
  • Implementing multiple integrated IT/technologies, such as AI DOC, which helps us provide a more timely and accurate read
  • Participating in the ACR RADPEER® program

Implementing efficiencies that enable radiologists to spend more time reading cases and less time doing administrative work is a priority. Radiology assistants are assigned to support efficiency and reduce radiologists’ clerical tasks.

Work-Life Balance

RAH is committed to providing the flexibility necessary for radiologists to manage their work-life balance and thrive in their practice of radiology. Equitable scheduling means that …

  • Radiologists read off a dedicated work list for their respective rotation.
  • Radiologists are never solo (at least three radiologists on at all times) along with a dedicated communication tool to share cases efficiently with one another.
  • On day one, a new radiologist has the same vacation and scheduling privileges as the person with most seniority.

Where applicable, RAH radiologists can work from home supported by a home office set-up with a state-of-the-art teleradiology system, including BARCO 3-megapixel color monitors.

Radiology Associates of Hollywood offers work-life balance.


A team of friendly colleagues who enjoy working together at the level experienced at RAH is rare and valued. Our radiologists support each other in the practice environment as well as for personal needs, such as being flexible for schedule changes. The practice helps build collegiality and a high-performing team through the following:

  • Ensuring each radiologist has a voice in the practice
  • Assigning a mentor to each new radiologist by subspecialty
  • Providing opportunities to get involved, such as serving on committees with RAH, Memorial Healthcare System and Envision
  • Potential for participation in an annual bonus distribution pool following a work-up period

These factors and many others contribute to RAH’s stellar provider retention rate.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

With a culture committed to inclusion, quality and success, our collegial group provides mentoring, support, resources and encouragement to pursue your passions and achieve your goals in radiology.

The group is both dynamic and diverse, with one member serving on the DEI committee at Memorial Healthcare System and a radiologist with diversabilities on staff.

In addition, Envision offers access to robust clinician wellness resources, employee resource groups (ERGs) and philanthropic opportunities. The company has partnered with the Dr. Lorna Breen Heroes’ Foundation, which studies and supports the well-being of our healthcare workforce, while humanitarian work is offered through the Global Health Initiative and RadAid.

A Spirit of Philanthropy and Social Responsibility

Following the mantra that healthcare is provided in the community regardless of the ability to pay, RAH is committed to giving back to the communities we serve. Clinicians frequently participate in community education projects, such as giving breast cancer awareness lectures during Women’s Health Month. In addition, RAH has representation on the foundation board for Memorial Healthcare System and Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital.

Radiology Associates of Hollywood and Envision Physician Services are committed to philanthropic efforts like the Global Health Initiative.

Radiologists who join RAH quickly discover they have joined an elite team. RAH radiologists are fellowship-trained, many with more than one specialty.

Our radiologists include graduates of highly respected universities with top-notch radiology programs, including the following:

  1. Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center
  2. John’s Hopkins
  3. Massachusetts General Hospital
  4. NYU Medical Center
  5. University of Pennsylvania
  6. Weill Cornell Medical College
  7. Yale Medical School Children’s Hospital
Meet Our Team

Our radiologists have received much recognition and multiple awards, including the following:

Michael Cohn, MD

Michael Cohn, MD (University of Miami, School of Medicine), who is a national rotating lecturer in hepatic embolotherapy

David Epstein, MD

David Epstein, MD (Northwestern University), who is very involved in the political front and international healthcare

RAH has a long history of radiological excellence, which only drives the practice to continue investing in the future of radiology.

RAH provides the following:

Radiology Associates of Hollywood provides academic appointments for group members involved in education at FIU, FAU and NSU.

Academic appointments for any group member involved in education at Florida International University (FIU), Florida Atlantic University (FAU) and Nova Southeastern University (NSU)

Radiology Associates of Hollywood provides 680 hours of education per year for students at FIU, FAU, or NSU.

680 hours of education per year for students at FIU, FAU, or NSU

Radiology Associates of Hollywood provides imaging education for those who wish to complete a radiology rotation<.

Imaging education to eight GMA non-radiology residences for those who wish to complete a radiology rotation

Given RAH’s distinguished past and bright future, we seek the best and brightest radiologists to join our practice. When you join our radiology group, you make an impact. Your clinical acumen and commitment to excellence and innovation will contribute to an unmatched practice where you can be recognized and rewarded.

If you want more than a job, explore with us how you can inspire the future of healthcare.