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Anesthesia Patient Education

Everything you need to know about anesthesia and the experts committed to delivering the highest quality of care.

Patient Education

Undergoing a surgical procedure can be a stressful time for both patients and loved ones. Put your mind at ease by learning about what to expect during your procedure, the types, effects and risks of anesthesia and our anesthesia team members’ unique roles in delivering high-quality care.

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TEMPO, is an anesthesia-based workflow that reflects our company’s commitment to providing the highest quality care to our patients. TEMPO helps our anesthesia clinicians to collaborate with hospitals, surgeons, primary care providers and patients to facilitate workflow throughout the perioperative period. The service uses evidence-based clinical best practices and protocols designed to optimize the patient’s health throughout the perioperative period for the best possible post-operative outcome.

What To Expect
Questions about anesthesia or what to expect from your upcoming surgery? Find the answers in the Anesthesia Patient Education guide, a resource created just for you.

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Anesthesia Care Team
Our anesthesia clinicians are comprised of expertly trained anesthesiologists, certified nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) and anesthesiologist assistants (AAs) working to provide you with the best care.Learn More
Types of Anesthesia
We offer general anesthesia, regional anesthesia and monitored anesthesia care (MAC). Get more information about each option and learn which method will be used for your surgical procedure. Learn More

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