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Clinicians and Investigators

Clinicians and Investigators

Envision Healthcare Clinical Research offers clinicians and investigators the opportunity to be at the cutting edge of research, both industry-sponsored and clinician-initiated. We work with clinical and scientific researchers to provide patients with treatments they otherwise would not have access to.

Our vision:

Envision Physician Services sees more than 35 million patients a year, and it is paramount that we make every effort to give back to these patients and the communities we serve by participating in the development of drug and device solutions.

Clinical Research

The clinical research department provides support for all steps of the industry-supported clinical trial lifecycle:

  • Brings study opportunities
  • Facilitates good clinical practice (GCP) training through Western Institutional Review Board (WIRB)
  • Submits to the IRB and tracks IRB approval and continuing reviews
  • Liaises with industry and facilities in legal contract review
  • Provides regulatory oversight
  • Provides general project management for duration of studies
  • Oversees billing compliance activities to ensure EVCR meets Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Clinical Trial Policy (CTP) guidelines.

Scientific Intelligence

The scientific intelligence department provides support for clinician-initiated research:

  • Provides support during protocol design phase
  • Assists with protocol writing and editing
  • Conducts IRB submissions for IRB approval
  • Guides clinicians through data collection
  • Provides in-house statistical analysis and final reports
  • Assists with writing publications, posters and presentations
  • Submits to journals

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